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 I have been working through the Thread on the OpenLdap-software list,
 on autofs, but I am stuck and confused.
 I would like to use the nsswitch.conf file also.  I have ldap up and
 running on a RH6.2 box. And I am authenticating users fine.  Now I
 like to add the ldap for autofs.
 I changed the nsswitch.conf file to have entry to:
 automount: files ldap
 Now I am looking at the May 21, 2001 from Nalin.
 In there Nalin gives a ldif sample, below is what I would put in for my
 dn: ou=auto.master,dc=kenosha,dc=org
 objectClass: top
 objectClass: automountMap
 ou: auto.master
 dn: cn=/u2/acct/mis, ou=auto.master,dc=kenosha,dc=org
 objectClass: automount
 objectClass: /u2/acct/mis
 automountInformation: ldpa:localhost:ou=auto.master,dc=kenosha,dc=org
 I am able to use ldapadd to put the entries into my database, but I am
 confused on how it will get the information it needs when a user logins
 with a home directory of /u1/acct/mis/userid???
 Do I also need to setup the auto.master on the ldap server???
 I am new to ldap, but willing to learn if someone would kick me in the
 right direction??
 Thanks in advance.