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AW: referrals (not using ManageDsaIT correctly)

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> Von: Dan Shriver [mailto:dshriver@sharemedia.com]
> Hi,
>    I have two ldap servers, a master and a slave.  I wish to
> deligate a subtree to the slave.

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> What am I doing wrong?  More importantly how is delegation
> supposed to work (if I have a distributed tree then the
> specialized servers will all be slaves (I've heard multi-master
> OpenLDAP doesn't always work so great, so for now I'm aiming for
> single master multiple slaves), I'd be sending all my
> update/add/remove requests to the master and having it make
> changes where appropriate (be that in itself, in a slave, or
> both))?

i think you're mistaking the use of referrals and replication. basically
your idea to spread your tree into several parts, stored on different
servers using referrals is ok. but that has nothing to do with the master /
slave configuration you mentioned. replication is done for databases that
are equal on master and slave.

read up at: http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin/ chapter 9 and 10

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