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Re: why is adding records slow?

Ricky Charlet speculates:

> 'What if' the "naming and schema checking" involve several network
> round trips between the client and server with several database reads
> involved each time. If so, then could the process be sped up with some
> type of nameing/schema caching on the client side? Or maybe the client
> could scan the entire ldif file and constuct a list of all naming/schema
> checks it will need for the duration and request the information for all
> the checks in bulk, then comming back for a second pass through the ldif
> for the actual record adds. It seems on the surface that the client side
> may be the best target for many-write-speed-improvement. Any ideas on
> makeing a `ldapBulkAdd` client run more efficient?
>         Just tossing out ideas (and the are probably baseless anyway).

Nice try, but no cigar.  All the naming and schema checking takes place in the
server, without any "round trips".  Another reason that slapadd is so much faster is
that it has the luxury of creating the main files first, then the indexes.  Bulk
creation of indexes is much more efficient.  I believe it also disables syncs between
writes, and of course it's been mentioned that it doesn't syslog, which will also
help some.