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why is adding records slow?

Ricky Charlet wrote:
> Howdy,
>         If anyone had tried using Berkeley DB as the underlying DB instead of
> gdbm, did your writes get any faster?
>         Apart from that, where can I find a list of tips and tricks to make my
> writes get faster?
> Thanks in advance...
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>   Ricky Charlet   : Redcreek Communications   : usa (510) 795-6903


	OK, I know that LDAPs design goal was to optimize reading/browsing
records, not adding/modifying records. But can someone tell me the
fundamental reasons that adding records do take such a long time? 

	Even though I knew that record adding was not optimized, I am really
very supprised at how slow it is. I ran a simple test of adding 10,000
person records to a database. After 30 minutes it was about 1/4
finished. According to my measurements it was adding records at about
1.3/second. That is plainly unworkable at my intended scale.

	This test is really a great deal simpler than what I really want to
acomplish though similar in scale. Here are the records I was adding:

#entry 1
dn: cn=Person A1, dc=ricky, dc=com
cn: Person A1
objectclass: person
sn: A1

#entry 2
dn: cn=Person A2, dc=ricky, dc=com
cn: Person A2
objectclass: person
sn: A2

and so on up to "cn: Person 10000"

The command line I used was `ldapadd -x -D "cn=Manager,dc=ricky,dc=com" 
-f tenK.ldif -w *******`

  Ricky Charlet   : Redcreek Communications   : usa (510) 795-6903