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Re: SSL coding and openLDAP

At 04:35 AM 6/11/2001, Lye wrote:
>Hi, all
>I am trying to write a piece of code so that the client is SSL-enabled and
>can make SSL connection to the LDAP sever.
>May I know how to start ? Is there any functions in the openldap libraries
>that I can use ? I have tried looking at the source codes of openldap .
>There is this function ldap_start_tls_s () . Is that enough to write an
>SSL-enabled client?

If you want to do Start TLS [RFC 2830], yes.  If you
want to do LDAP over SSL, no.  For LDAP over SSL,
you need to use ldap_initialize() (instead of ldap_init()).
See any of the client applications in clients/tools
for examples.