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Re: OpenLDAP and SASL

On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, I wrote:

>    Choosing best mechanism from: LOGIN PLAIN ANONYMOUS GSSAPI
>    lt-sample-client: Starting SASL negotiation: generic failure
> Above, <FQDN> is the fully qualified name of the host that I'm on.
> What's not clear to me, beyond the kinit question, is what username
> should I use?  Mine?  Root?  I've tried both, with the same results.
> And is there debugging or logs I can check to determine more detail on
> the "generic failure" error?

GROAN....it was all due to a typo in my /etc/krb5.conf file.  I had
[domain-realms] instead of [domain_realms].

Yes this is a bit off-topic but since it is all tied back to using SASL
w/OpenLDAP I hope this is not completely out of place.