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Re: Newbie Ldap and Outlook Address Book

From: "Dr J.S.Mahood" <jsmahood@atauto.com>

> Getting LDAP contents into Outlook is not a problem.  Just use
> CreateDispatch to attach to the Outlook application, then use Class Wizard
> to create wrappers for the Outlook methods.  What you will end up with is
> ContactItem object attached to the application, and "Set" and "Put"
> for each of the properties for an address book entry. It works, and will
> only take about 30 lines of code. But, be warned. Some of the properties
> require BSTR but are cast by ClassWizard to CString. You will need to edit
> the code to correct what is a bug in the wizard generated code.

I take it you're talking about using MS-VC++ to build a bolt-on for Outlook.
Nice idea, but patching each client does kind of defeat the point of a
server-side solution. Not sure you can script Outlook Express in this way
either, can you.

I can see it would make sense if you were an MS-shop, although you'd
probably be running Exchange then anyway.

- Richard Huxton