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RE: Newbie Ldap and Outlook Address Book

Getting LDAP contents into Outlook is not a problem.  Just use
CreateDispatch to attach to the Outlook application, then use Class Wizard
to create wrappers for the Outlook methods.  What you will end up with is a
ContactItem object attached to the application, and "Set" and "Put" methods
for each of the properties for an address book entry. It works, and will
only take about 30 lines of code. But, be warned. Some of the properties
require BSTR but are cast by ClassWizard to CString. You will need to edit
the code to correct what is a bug in the wizard generated code.

Dr J.S. Mahood

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From: "Paolo Bagnoli" <paolo@scconline.it>

> Hi,
> I want to create an Ldap server to store the address book of Microsoft
> Outlook Express.
> It's possible to insert new record directly fron the Outlook Express?
> How can I realize this project

Paolo - it sounds like I'm a couple of weeks further down the road than you.
I have a PHP-based web interface to an LDAP address-book that is compatible
with OE and Netscape (where they both read the same attributes).

I wasn't planning to release it just yet, but it does work and should be
suitable for an intranet. I have tested it with 2500 contacts and
performance seems OK.

About the package:

- it uses 'cn,o,c' as the dn for each entry which means you can't have two
"John A Smith" entries at the present time.
- there is no permission control - any user can edit entries
- there is a shortcut for names A..Z the results of which are cached
- I have some preliminary instructions, install script and a sample.ldif to
create the LDAP tree.

I plan to make it generally available in the next few weeks, but if you
would find it useful let me know (licence is GPL or BSD so you can do what
you like with it)

Bear in mind what I know about LDAP is basically from a week on this list
and a couple of FAQs.

- Richard Huxton