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Re: Back-ldap and Proxy

Marcos Monge wrote:

> Hi.
> Anyone can tell me if the "back-ldap" module of openldap can do the
> following:
> 3 openldap servers
> each with 350.000 different users/registers
> (Server A: uid=user1 to uid=user350000)
> (Server B: uid=user350001 to uid=user700000)
> (Server C: uid=user700001 to uid=user1050000)
> All the users are in the same branch (ou=users).
> A client that do a query to server A, B or C for any of the users.
> If the client do query to Server A for uid=user123000, all OK. But if
> query for user451000 (that it's in Server B), not OK.
> Can the Back-Ldap module on Server A connect to server B or C and
> extract the data for this user? And there is some way of do a regular
> expression (or something similar) on Server A over the string of 'uid'
> to do some kind of routing to the correct ldap server?

The only way I foresee to obtain what you need is to use the
EXPERIMENTAL back-meta. You can configure it to point
at the three servers, so that the queries for '(uid=userX)' are
spawned to the three servers and the matching results are
returned. Unfortunately, as it is being developed yet, it is poorly
documented. You may get it form the cvs tree by checking out
the HEAD branch. You'll find a brief explanation of its
capabilities and of the specific configuration parameters
in servers/slapd/back-meta/Documentation


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