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Re: ldif files

On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 02:02:41PM +0200, Tiefnig Daniel wrote:
> hi,
> an example entry is:
> dn: cn=test,dc=example,dc=com
> objectclass: top
> objectclass: person
> sn: test
> cn: whatever test
> userpassword: encrypted-or-not-password
> or maybe you'll need the uid-attribute for the usernames:
> dn: uid=test,dc=example,dc=com

or maybe you'll need the uid as a sub-attribute (sorry, dont know the 
correct terminology)


dn: cn=testuser,ou=people,dc=yourdom,dc=com
objectClass: posixaccount
objectClass: shadowaccount
cn: testuser
uid: testuser
uidNumber: 820
gidNumber: 10
homeDirectory: /home/testuser
userPassword: {CRYPT}9QuV2A3KTACwI
loginShell: /bin/ksh