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Tree/ACLs design

I have user accounts with about 50 attributes (personal data, mail
attribs, services attribs,..). Now I would have to create ACLs for:
- read user data
- read attrs for qmail
- modify user (only) data
- create accounts

I must write ACLs with about 20 attrs ! Is it slow down ldap server ?
For example, set of user data attribs have about 20 attrs (cn, sn, l,
birthyear,.....), mail attrs too..

Or maybe I must change tree.. Move user data to another subtree ?
But it is problem with modify rights - I cannot use "self modify"
when I have data in two location (for example: givenname and
mailForwarding Address; or user password - where put this ?).

Pleas help with this.

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