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Re: sasl_interactive_bind_s error

You need to pass the -x and -W to specify you don't want to use sasl and
you want to enter a password.


Steve Sobol wrote:

> I'm using 2.0.8 - just set it up from Mandrake RPMs.
> My slapd.conf contains:
> database        ldbm
> suffix          "dc=jtnllc, dc=com"
> rootdn          "cn=ldapadmin,dc=jtnllc,dc=com"
> initial.ldif contains the test entry I want to set up:
> dn: dc=jtnllc, dc=com
> dc: jtnllc
> o: JustThe.net LLC
> objectclass: organization
> objectclass: dcObject
> dn: cn=ldapadmin, dc=jtnllc, dc=com
> cn: Administrator
> sn: Administrator
> objectclass: person
> When I execute the command
> ldapadd -D "cn=ldapadmin, dc=jtnllc, dc=com" -W -v < initial.ldif
> this is what I get
> ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
> Enter LDAP Password: (I enter the rootpw here)
> ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute
> I don't want to use SASL at this point... What do I need to do
> to fix this?

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