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Re: 8bit characters

At 01:27 AM 5/18/01, Peter Peltonen wrote:
>Otherwise adding entries succeeds. I thought OpenLDAP supports iso-8859-1?

OpenLDAP supports LDAPv3 which uses UTF-8 encoded ISO 10646-1 (Unicode).
The first page of ISO 10646-1 contains the ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1)
characters, so the transliteration is direct.  One just needs to
encode the character using UTF-8 (a multiple-byte format).

OpenLDAP 2.x provides functions that applications developers can
use to do these conversions.  See <ldap_utf8.h>.

>I also get an error if I try to use the LDAPExplorer WebGUI. 
>What am I to do? Should I compile openldap with some "enable-8bit" parameters
>or is the problem with the clients -- they don't support 8bit and I should get
>one that does?