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New Setup?

  Ok, I've got slapd installed and running, I've made some entries, I'm now
at the "how do I make this practical" 
portion of the exercise... 

  I have Linux, Solaris and Windows machines we'd like to have hit LDAP for
login authentication, and possibly 
maintaining DNS.  Is there a HOWTO on getting this moving, what software we
need to make the systems work
right or are SOL on these plans?

  I've got my box up with a base "company.com" setup, but we're segmented
into "region.company.com" and we
would like to put users in this which I can see how that works reading the
docs but some of this is just a bit odd
for me.  I'm one of those who follows a HOWTO or walkthrough and will go
"oh, ok, this makes sense now"...