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AW: slave doesn't update master ?

that's the part of your "updateref" entry in slave slapd.conf.
i wonder, the changes are executed on your slave server. check debug logging
of slapd on the slave during startup. (the part where slapd reads
slapd.conf) maybe the updateref is ignored because of an syntax error.
(should be smth. like ldap://qualified.host.name:port)
check the admin guide, the manpages, the mail-archive and maybe even some
rfc's on this topic. (search for replication, referral)


cut&paste from your initial message:
The slave side config contains:

database	ldbm
suffix		"dc=test"
rootdn		"cn=LdapAdmin,ou=WIN,ou=wag,dc=test"
rootpw          {SHA}secret
updatedn  "cn=LdapAdmin,ou=WIN,ou=wag,dc=test"
updateref "wvi161:389"

> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Markus Grunwald [mailto:MaGrunwald@webasto.de]
> Gesendet: Dienstag, 15. Mai 2001 16:21
> An: Vishwanath; openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
> Betreff: Re: slave doesn't update master ?
> Hi !
> > You cant update the database at the slave side, do delete 
> the entry in
> > master which will be replicated and deletes the same in slave too.
> > This is not multi master.
> Hmm. Then it is clear.
> But I would like to have a slave server at some sites 
> worldwide, where admin 
> users can delete entrys for the whole ldap tree w/ slave 
> servers. Is there no 
> automatic way of doing so ?
> Can't the slave server say "I am the wrong one, please direct 
> your request to 
> server xy, which is the master server " ?
> > > 50% are working :) i.e. a new entry in the master is 
> handed down to
> > > the slave
> > > and inserted there perfectly.
> > > BUT if i try to delete this new entry on the slave, it is 
> deleted only
> > > on the slave and still exists on the master.
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