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Re: slave doesn't update master ?

Hi !

> You cant update the database at the slave side, do delete the entry in
> master which will be replicated and deletes the same in slave too.
> This is not multi master.

Hmm. Then it is clear.
But I would like to have a slave server at some sites worldwide, where admin 
users can delete entrys for the whole ldap tree w/ slave servers. Is there no 
automatic way of doing so ?

Can't the slave server say "I am the wrong one, please direct your request to 
server xy, which is the master server " ?

> > 50% are working :) i.e. a new entry in the master is handed down to
> > the slave
> > and inserted there perfectly.
> > BUT if i try to delete this new entry on the slave, it is deleted only
> > on the slave and still exists on the master.

Markus Grunwald

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