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Re: planning an ldap db

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

> here are owned by an "umbrella" company,  I put them all in the same tree,  it
> hasn't really caused any problems.  Also I don't like "uid=" DN's, I prefer
> "cn=" so that accounts are simply attributes of people, and people without
> accounts can exists in the same part of the tree.  But that's just me.

I thought about putting them to the same  tree but that gave me same headache as
I didn't know what to make the tree to look like. 

Should I create groups like "company1 finance", "company 2 finance" and so on..?
Or what does your tree look like?

One can use uid's without relating them to accounts...? Just a way to give
people an unique identifier (as people might have the same common name).