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planning an ldap db

Hi folks, 

time for a newbie question again :) I'm planning an example ldap tree for two
companies that are in the same LAN. 

Here's the structure I thought first for the tree:

dc:company1,dc:com -- ou: people

 |                    |
 |                    |- uid: user1
ou: groups            |- uid: user2

 |- cn: sales
 |- cn: finance

And I would do a another db entry for company2. 

But then I started thinking, as the two companies do a lot of teamwork,  that
would it be possible to include user1 of company2 in the sales group of
company1? I mean is it possible to do a reference over one domain to another?
Like a trust relation in an NT domain...

I hope someone could enlighten me on this subject!