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AW: AW: Replication between different Versions of server

> Tiefnig Daniel wrote:
> > > Is it possible to replicate
> > > a) from non-open-ldap (e.g. Active Directory) servers to 
> openLdap ?
> >
> > using the LDAP protocoll, of course.
> >
> > > b) between different versions of openldap (LDAP V3 to LDAP V2
> > > and vice versa)?
> >
> > AFAIK yes. slurpd uses "standard LDAP protocoll" to 
> replicate the changes,
> > so there shouldn't be a problem. allthought, you might have 
> to be carefull
> > with your configs. (e.g. openldap2 insists on the 
> updatedn-part in both
> > configs, openldap1 doesn't..)
> Well, the slave doesn't actually have to know it is a slave. 
> One may use
> the rootdn in lieu of the updatedn, and use read-only acls to disallow
> modification. The only missing functionality would be the 
> referral return
> on write attempt. I never tried cross-architecture 
> replication, however.
> Pierangelo.

(again AFAIK) basically you are right, but in openldap2 you have to
configure the slave as a slave, or slurpd will not replicate. (or at least i
didn't manage to make replication work with slurpd.. did you..?) for
openldap1 you are completely right.
btw, the same i tried to say with my first mail.. :o)