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Witch Version should i use.

Hi Im a student at Minnesota State Univeristy Moorhead (MSUM) and I was
hired to setup LDAP authentication for the linux lab.  I have a version of
the system up and running with ldap version 1.2.11-15.  Since we want to
upgrade the lab to RH version 7.1 and that shiped with ldap version
2.0.7-14.  My boss wants to upgrade to 2.0.7-14 and Im having trouble
getting that version working.  As a matter of fact I cant get any of the
new ldap stuff in RH 7.1 working.  I was wondering if i should just stay
with version 1.2.11-15 or if there is a big difference between configureing 1
and 2 and im just missing something.  If you guys could point me in the
right direction that would be great.

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