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Re: AW: result: 32 No such object

Tiefnig Daniel wrote: 

> > if I am runnig: ldapsearch objectclass=\*
> > I get :
[ ... ]

> > I don't understand the message "result: 32 No such object"
> you'll have to specify your baseDN with the -b flag.
> e.g.: if yor slapd.conf says
> suffix  ou=studenten,o=uni-bremen,c=de
> yu'll search like
> ldapsearch -b ou=studenten,o=uni-bremen,c=de objectclass=*

You can also specify your baseDN in /etc/ldap.conf. Be aware of the
fact that some ldap client tools use /etc/openldap/ldap.conf for
their configuration , and some use /etc/ldap.conf. It is advisable
to make a symbolic link from /etc/ldap.conf to

A minimal ldap.conf file would look like:

# ldap.conf
BASE	ou=studenten,o=uni-bremen,c=de	



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