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Case ignore search on non-ascii letters

After coming to terms with UTF-8 and BASE64 I have managed to set up one of my entries with:

     cn: Émile Belphégore

correctly UTF-8 encoded.

If I search for that entry with '(cn=*Belph*)'  I find it.
And  if I  search  for it with  '(cn=*BELPH*)'  I still find it.
Now if I try  to get it through '(cn=*Belphé*)' I get it.
But if I am brash enough to ask '(cn=*BELPHÉ*)' I get nothing.

I other words, case is correctly ignored for plain ascii, i.e. for 26 letters; but for non-ascii letters, such as French accented letters, which can be capitalized, it doesn't work.

Can this be seen as a bug or at least a caveat, or something like that?

¡It IS a problem for us!

David Olivier
Klebs gardien Alpages CRI courrier brebis Lyon 2 Lumière