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Re: Case ignore search on non-ascii letters

At 01:58 AM 5/10/01, David Olivier wrote:
>After coming to terms with UTF-8 and BASE64 I have managed to set up one of my entries with:
>     cn: Émile Belphégore
>correctly UTF-8 encoded.
>If I search for that entry with '(cn=*Belph*)'  I find it.
>And  if I  search  for it with  '(cn=*BELPH*)'  I still find it.
>Now if I try  to get it through '(cn=*Belphé*)' I get it.
>But if I am brash enough to ask '(cn=*BELPHÉ*)' I get nothing.
>I other words, case is correctly ignored for plain ascii, i.e. for 26 letters; but for non-ascii letters, such as French accented letters, which can be capitalized, it doesn't work.

Yes.  2.0 only knows how to fold the ASCII subset of Unicode.
2.1 will have much improved case ignore matching, most of which
has been committed to HEAD.