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LDAP in Red Hat 7.1

I can't seem to get a new RedHat 7.1 machine which is running OpenLDAP 2.0
to authenticate to my eixsting RedHat 7.0 LDAP server which is running
OpenLDAP 1.x.  I thought it was possible for the newer version of LDAP to
be backwards complatible with 1.x.  Do I need to do something special to
get the user authentication working with LDAP 2.0?  I am not using SSL or
anything special.

Basically, I added users to the LDAP 1.x server, ran the migration tools,
started up the slapd process, and on the clients ran 'authconfig', added
the LDAP server and - it worked... but a new RH 7.1 client does not seem
to authenticate.

Any ideas?  Suggestions?

-Rory Savage