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AW: LDAP write performance

> Can i change only one value of this attribute ? I use JNDI and
> it seems to replace all values of an attribute. It takes 10-20 s.
> Does someone have an idea, how to optimize it ?
> Is that a LDAP- or JNDI-  problem ? Maybe the LDAP-Directory 
> allows to write or remove only one value ?

LDAP of course does. (at least for delete-operation) by using ldapmodify you
can remove single key/value pairs by specifying both, the key and the value.
changetype: modify
delete: uniqueMember

-> deletes all of them

changetype: modify
delete: uniqueMember
uniqueMember: <value>

-> deletes only the 'uniqueMember-entry(ies)' with the specified value.

to change, just remove and re-add what you want to change, think that should
work with JNDI too, somehow..