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Re: Managing meta-data with LDAP and DSML

> Hi,
> I work for the Telematics Engineering department of the Polytechnical
> University of Madrid (Spain), in particular, for a european project called
> Linguanet-Europa (http://www.linguanet-europa.org). The objective of this
> project is to provide virtual resources for language teaching and
> learning.
> These resources had been catalogued and classified as meta-data
> (attribute-value info such as: title, author, source language, target
> language, url, etc) using the Dublin Core stantard. Now, they've asked
> me to study the possibility of migrating all the meta-data to the XML
> standard, and use JAVA servlets to perform the resource search.
> In addition to this, and taking into account that there would be little
> updates in the server, I was considering using LDAP and DSML to manage
> this meta-data, instead of having the XML documents directly on a server's
> file directory.
> Is this approach correct?. Would it be worth/appropiate using a LDAP
> directory for managing the meta-data of these resources?.

I think it is; you may take a look at


where I present a directory-based bibtex archiving system (whih sounds
much like what you need). In this case you might think of writing
a schema that complies with the kind of data you're going to manage
(I know Norbert Klasen <klasen@zdv.uni-tuebingen.de> re-engineered mine,
you may want to contact him).

Feel free to ask for any problems, but please, read the document first.

Regards, Pierangelo.