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Managing meta-data with LDAP and DSML


I work for the Telematics Engineering department of the Polytechnical
University of Madrid (Spain), in particular, for a european project called
Linguanet-Europa (http://www.linguanet-europa.org). The objective of this
project is to provide virtual resources for language teaching and

These resources had been catalogued and classified as meta-data
(attribute-value info such as: title, author, source language, target
language, url, etc) using the Dublin Core stantard. Now, they've asked
me to study the possibility of migrating all the meta-data to the XML
standard, and use JAVA servlets to perform the resource search.

In addition to this, and taking into account that there would be little
updates in the server, I was considering using LDAP and DSML to manage
this meta-data, instead of having the XML documents directly on a server's
file directory.

Is this approach correct?. Would it be worth/appropiate using a LDAP
directory for managing the meta-data of these resources?.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

                        ALEJANDRO LIZCANO ESTERAS
                Dpto de Ingeniería de Sistemas Telemáticos