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Re: Big searches.

Roel van Meer wrote:
> The question i was asking was more about how to get, say 10.000, records
> out of an ldap db the best possible way: with a single or with multiple
> searches?

If those are the only two options, I'd say multiple searches are better,
because they allow you to not only break the task into more manageable
chunks, but they also allow you to split the task among servers, so of
3 servers, each may only have to provide 3,300 records.

For bigger jobs like this, however, it may be more practical to either:
a) Dump to LDIF, and use text parsing tools to extract the records.
b) Copy out your db backend files, and use appropriate db tools for
extracting the information.

For bulk migrations, I've used both methods with similar success, the
ldif method is usually slower, but it allows you to operate on a raw,
text, basis (which is helpful if you need to "walk through" the data).