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Big searches.

Hello list,

i have an ldap database that holds my dns entries. Every domain has its
own tree under which all RR's are stored. Occasionally i want to get all
entries from this database. The thing i don't know is if i should use
just one sub-level search to get all entries at once, or first use a
one-level search to get all domains, and then use a sub-level search for
every single domain separately.

How the client software (which is perl-ldap) handles the data is
irrelevant, it can easily be done both ways. What i was wandering about
is which way would give the best performance. 

The first way (all at once) would seem to be the fastest, but the max
number of returned results can be easily reached this way, - it should
be increased to a large enough value to stay out of trouble for a while.
The second is less likely to reach this value, even when the database
increases in size, but it'll be slower.

i have no information about timeouts that may occur during a very large
search or the like.

Any idea which way is best?


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