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Authentication with Exchange Server???


in the paste I made it work to search an exchange server via LDAP 
(Netscape, Pegasus, ...) but only as anonymous User.
Is there a way to authenticate as a User and get access to more than
the "by exchange known users"?
The Problem seemed to be that the Username/Password pair was never
accepted - maybe it must be encoded or given in a special format?

Also I would be interested if there is a exchange-server internal tree-structure 
- and how it looks ...

Greetings ad thanks

    Kai Hofmann

Institute of Shipping Economics and Logiostics   http://www.isl.org/
Dipl.-Inform. Kai Hofmann                      mailto:hofmann@isl.org
Universitaetsallee GW1 Block A                  phone:+49 421 22096-83
D-28359 Bremen / Germany                          fax:+49 421 22096-55