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Re: Regarding slapd

Vishwanath wrote:
> Hello all,
> This is the third time am asking the same question, i have not yet got
> the solution for my problem.
> The issue is i am writing a LDAP client program in a master-slave
> environment. my client program will always be connected to slave slapd,
> when it tries to update the ldbm, it gets updated here in slave slap but
> never gets replicated in master, i know that slave will not chase the
> referral, and slave is not returning the referral to master indeed.

from man 5 slapd.conf:

 updateref <url>
              Specify the referral to pass back when slapd(8)  is
              asked  to  modify  a replicated local database.  If
              specified multiple times, each url is provided.

To my understanding you can never update something on a slave slapd and
then have it updated on the master - that would make it a master by
itself. Your slave should return a referral to the master, and your
client should update it there - then it gets updated on the slave too.
See: http://www.OpenLDAP.org/doc/admin/config.html

You can avoid mistakes by only giving the update dn of the master write
acces to the slave.

If this is not what you meant then i missed your point, sorry.



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