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Regarding slapd

Hello all,

This is the third time am asking the same question, i have not yet got
the solution for my problem.
The issue is i am writing a LDAP client program in a master-slave
environment. my client program will always be connected to slave slapd,
when it tries to update the ldbm, it gets updated here in slave slap but
never gets replicated in master, i know that slave will not chase the
referral, and slave is not returning the referral to master indeed.

For the same setup the tools given ldapmodify and ldapadd does work.
Who is it that works, i went through the code of ldapmodify, i did not
found much difference between my program and the ldapmodify.c

Please do answer me, am in great trouble

Thanx in advance
K Vishwanath
iNabling Technologies Pvt Ltd
Ph: 3104686, 3104687