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search for a user by cn or uid

When a user logs in to our application, we first search from a defined root
in the directory with a filter like
This works with Netscape and Oracle Internet Directory, but I am having
difficulty with OpenLDAP 2.0.7.

I posted a query about indexing a custom attribute earlier today, and it
turned out to be my schema definition. In this case, I have cn,uid marked
for indexing in the slapd.conf, and I see the .dbb files in
var/openldap-ldbm, so it *looks* like the indexes are there.

But my search finds nothing. Further,
  ldapsearch -b <my root> '(objectclass=*)'
doesn't return any of my inetorgperson entries, though they appear to be
created when I ran the ldif file. The search returns various other objects I

I am clearly doing something silly somewhere, but can't figure it out. Has
anybody seen this kind of behavior?

Thanks for any advice.


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