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Re: ldapsearch with multiple databases

On Wed, 2 May 2001, Rick Brunelle wrote:

> I have two databases configured as follows:
> database        ldbm
> suffix          "vm01=2,vm41=0,dc=mail"
> directory       /home/ldap/routing
> database        ldbm
> suffix          "vm01=3,vm41=0,dc=mail"
> directory       /home/ldap/login
> I have some entries in /home/ldap/routing.
> If I perform an ldapsearch with a base of "vm01=2,vm41=0,dc=mail", then
> I can find the entries that reside in /home/ldap/routing with no
> problems.  However, if I perform the same ldapsearch with a base of
> "vm41=0,dc=mail", then no entries are returned.
> Since the base suffix "vm41=0,dc=mail" is common to both databases, I am
> wondering if openldap is able to search across databases.

Add a top level partition woth the naming context of "vm41=0,dc=mail" and
link in the two lower levels with referrals.

cheers, jerry
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