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Regarding replication

Hello all,

I too have same problem of replication, I have written a client program,
when client program connects to slave slapd and requests for update it
get updated only in slave but not in master slapd, slave slapd in not
even giving referral to client, it gets updated in slave sliently. With
the same setup and DIT, if i update slave slapd by the tools given with
the tar of OpenLDAP 2.0 its in ~/openldap/client/tools/* it works fine,
i do not find any change between my client program and the tools given,
I doubt the problem lies in compling ie Makefile, Should i include any
libraries for that.

Thanx for any suggestion,
Vishwanath K
K Vishwanath
iNabling Technologies Pvt Ltd
Ph: 3104686, 3104687