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Hello all,

I am writting a client program for slave slapd.
When my client updates the DIT by connecting to slave,  updates takes
only in slave but not in master, with the same setup if u add/modify
with the clients given with openldap 2.0 they are in
~/openldap/client/tools/ldapadd it works fine (i connected to slave
slapd),  i mean the client ldapadd gets referral to master and it talks
to master and does updates and it gets replicated all over, but why my
client is not getting referral from slave is the question !!

Well please let me know if u gets answer for this. Even i have posted
the same question in openldap-software division also.

Thanx in advance
Vishwanath K
K Vishwanath
iNabling Technologies Pvt Ltd
Ph: 3104686, 3104687