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slapd bug in generating the slapd.replog file?


I have a weird problem with a couple of openldap servers set up on 2 Solaris 2.6 boxes. They are set up to replicate using slurpd, and everything works... Except that slapd writes fields in the replication file that are plain _wrong_. They are invalid, like this:

userPassword:: e1NIQX1Na25lRGVydUFZNWhFZHQwNTdzaDdaRFYwdmc9
creatorsName:: PGFub255bW91cz4=
createTimestamp: 20010404113402Z
modifiersName:: PGFub255bW91cz4=
modifyTimestamp: 20010404113402Z

It only happens with three fields: userPassword, modifiersName, and creatorsName. But it doesn't happen _always_. Maybe it depends on the tool used to add/modify a record? I have managed to cause consistently wrong lines in the replog file with the ldapadd tool.

Of course, when Slurpd tries to insert these records in the slave ldap server, I get a 'Invalid syntax' message, and the records end up in the .rej file.

I am running a self-compiled Openldap 2.0.7 on 2 (patched) Solaris 2.6 boxes. The backend database is Berkeley db3.2.9.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on???

Many thanks in advance,
Ward Vandewege,
Better Access Team.

I code therefore I am.