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Re: slapd bug in generating the slapd.replog file?

At 09:48 AM 4/19/01, Ward Vandewege wrote:

>I have a weird problem with a couple of openldap servers set up on 2 Solaris 2.6 boxes. They are set up to replicate using slurpd, and everything works... Except that slapd writes fields in the replication file that are plain _wrong_. They are invalid, like this:
>userPassword:: e1NIQX1Na25lRGVydUFZNWhFZHQwNTdzaDdaRFYwdmc9

that's {SHA}MkneDeruAY5hEdt057sh7ZDV0vg= in base64.

>creatorsName:: PGFub255bW91cz4=

that's <anonymous> in base64.  This is what's causing the
syntax error (as that's not valid DN).  The work around is
not to modify as "anonymous".  The fix, not allowing
anonymous modify ever, will be coming soon.