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RE: Object management

IMHO, the weakest link in LDAP is a lack of standards for attributes.  We
implemented a rolodex here, and I had to clone attributes so that they match
expectations of Netsape and Outlook mail client lookups.  That sucks! Keep
this in mind when you build out your structures.

FYI, we just have address1 & homeAddress1, and don't keep any block address
sructure.  Check the FAQ  for attibute suggestions if you care to hook into
any clients such as MS Outlook, or some third party web rolodex application
(search for "Outlook").

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Subject: Object management

How to write the Person object class which will use Address objec class
internally, so that I can have different address like home, office etc
for a person.

I will highly appreciate for any type of help for this.