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AW: Problem compiling OpenLDAP on Redhat 7.0

> also, I had problems with openldap reading the acls until I 
> wrote every rule
> on one line eg:
> before:
> access to *
> by * none
> after:
> access to * by * none by "o=nu,c=no" some
> access to * by * none by "o=nu,c=no" n
> etc.

hmm, disagree with this.. i found it more helpfull, to use multiple lines
for accessrules.. like

access to *
    by <someth> write
    by <anoth> write
    by <thisth> read
    by * none

and, i guess, you example wasn't a configuration, you really use, cause you
would just disable every access (exept by rootdn) to your db with:

access to * by * none <doesn't matter what is standing here..>

correct? correct.