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RE: using openldap/nss_ldap/pam module on solaris 2.6

Glad you posted this.  I am going through a similar situation, although have
not progressed as far as you have.  At this point, I have found precious
little documentation on how to do this and am unclear on the role of the
nss_ldap module (i.e. why doesn't the ldap_pam module suffice?) Can you (or
anybody who has done this successfully) either:

1) Post the relevant pieces of your pam.conf, ldap.conf and nsswitch.conf
2) Point out some docs that got you as far as you did?

or even both...

Thanks in advance,


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& Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 6:53 AM
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& Subject: using openldap/nss_ldap/pam module on solaris 2.6
& Help,
& We are trying to use openldap with solaris2.6 to manage users accounts...
& We have successfully compiled openldap.
& We have successfully compiled a new pam module for authentication
& using ldap.
& We have successfully compiled a new nss_ldap.
& We have configured /etc/pam.conf to use the new pam module
& We have configured /etc/ldap.conf and /usr/local/etc/slapd.conf
& We have configured /etc/nsswitch.conf
& After starting the slapd daemon we have added the following three
& entries into
& the ldap database with ldapadd no problem.
& dn: dc=jpmorgan,dc=geneva,dc=ch
& description: jpmorgan
& objectclass: organization
& objectclass: dcObject
& dn: ou=People,dc=jpmorgan,dc=geneva,dc=ch
& description: people
& objectclass: person
& objectclass: dcObject
& dn: uid=ldap,ou=People,dc=jpmorgan,dc=geneva,dc=ch
& uid: ldap
& cn: LDAP user
& objectclass: account
& objectclass: posixAccount
& objectclass: top
& userpassword: {crypt}abcdef
& loginshell: /bin/ksh
& uidnumber: 1517
& gidnumber: 10
& homedirectory: /users/ldap
& gecos: LDAP user
& But we need to add ObjectClass shadowAccount and indeed the
& correct entries as
& specified in RFC2307 yes?
& How? forgive me but I do not know X.500 or openldap so well...
& And indeed is there another step we have missed out?
& Mark
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