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ldapsearch only works when binding as root after upgrade to 2.0.7


After upgrading a production system today from OpenLDAP 1.2.9 to
2.0.7, I discovered that I could no longer produce results from a
simple ldapsearch as I could previously.

For some reason, I now needed to bind as root to be able to view any
entries in any capacity whatsoever, whereas I had previously only
needed to do this to view privileged attributes. Attempting to bind
anonymously would succeed, but my query would produce no results.

I checked all my ACLs, but all was as it had been before. Even adding
an explicit 'defaultaccess read' to slapd.conf didn't
help. Downgrading back to 1.2.9, however, fixed the problem.

Obviously, I'm missing something, but what? What kind of things should
I be checking here?

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