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issues with replication via slurpd

Title: issues with replication via slurpd


I'm running into a problem replicating from a master slapd to a slave slapd.  Here's what I see when I run slurpd in one-shot mode :

Processing in one-shot mode:
1 total replication records in file,
1 replication records to process.
begin replication thread for
Replica, skip repl record for CN=REPLICATOR,OU=PEOPLE,DC=SOMEDC,DC=NET (not mine)
end replication thread for
slurpd: terminating normally

I'm a bit confused by the "not mine" message.  Has anyone else encountered this?  I'm not sure if its a configuration issue on the master/slave slapd or what.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and Take Care,