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Re: LDAP & MySQL Backend / LDAP & Outlook

Raymond Bramwell wrote:

> [Sorry for submitting this twice I thought this time I should put a
> more meaningful sybject line]

well, let me answer to this only once ;)

> I have two problems I was wondering if anyone out there could help me
> with.
> -Firstly I would like to now how to use MySQL as a backend to OpenLDAP,
>  I have seen several mentions of this issue in mailing lists and
>  somebody out there said they were going to work on this project a few
>  years ago.  Does anybody know where I can get instructions on how to
>  do this, and example config files etc?

Please specify, what goals would you expect to achieve with mySQL backend?

If you have some data in mySQL already, used by plenty application, and
want to reuse it for LDAP-enabled apps - then try OpenLDAP 2.x, which has
experimental back-sql - tunable SQL backend for slapd. It works with many
RDBMSes, including mySQL, and provides a LDAP view on RDBMS data (given a
set of mappings - read the back-sql docs, FAQs and maillist archives for
tips, ask questions if you still have any after reading)

If you expect mySQL backend to be faster or more reliable as
general-purpose backend database instead of ldbm - see FAQ/misc - there
are a couple of messages that could make you change your mind...

WBW, Dmitry