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RE: LDAP & MySQL Backend / LDAP & Outlook

To use LDAP as a Outlook Rolodex, create an new account in Outlook, but make
it a "directory service", not a mail account.  Fill in the necessary server,
Base DN, bind DN (anonymous?), and select "check name against this when
sending mail."  I do not know if this feature is available with the Exchange
ready "Corporate or Workgroup" incarnation of Outlook. Do not use a simple
search base filter.

When creating a new mail message, manipulate the compose message Window menu
so that you have the "check names" icon.  It's a face with a checkmark, and
I found it's often hidden off-screen by default! Use that icon to look up
names before sending mail thus avoiding embarrassing mistakes. Any part of
the recipient cn will bring it up.

Check the FAQ for "Outlook" to get a attribute listing that Outlook
understands. Reply with questions.

I know that many people hate Outlook, but once we moved to it for mail,
computers stopped crashing.

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-Secondly when pointing Outlook 97/2000 clients at the LDAP server one
 can use the LDAP service to check whether names exist on the server,
 but is there any way of getting Outlook to treat the LDAP server as a
 Global Address List such that a user may select names from a list and
 add them to the to:, cc: and bcc: fields?