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Re: schema browsing software

I have no idea how well this works, but perl-ldap-0.22/contrib/schema
has this to say about possibly perusing schema definitions:

# This program was originally written by Clif Harden.
# It is based on Graham Barr's PERL LDAP module and the PERL TK
# module.
# Both modules are available from the CPAN.org system.
# $Id: schema,v 1.2 2000/07/31 02:29:01 charden Exp $
# Purpose: This program is designed to retrieve schema data from a LDAP
#          directory and display on the graphical user interface
#          created by this program.

On  5 Apr, Glen Coakley wrote:
> Does anybody know of any decent software to browse (preferably graphically)
> an LDAP schema? It would also be nice if it can edit it. I don't care how it
> runs; it could be a client or directly read the schema files.