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need help with a suffix


my sincere apologies if this was already answered before,
but i searched for this on the mailing list archive and
didn't turn up any helpful suggestions...

i currently have an ldap directory that works great.
suffix is "dc=foo,dc=com".  rootdn is

however, i now want to add bar.com.

with this addition i want to be able to have the entries
similar to the following:

dn: uid=guest,dc=server1,dc=foo,dc=com

dn: uid=guest,dc=server1,dc=bar,dc=com

all of this should be part of the same ldap directory.

so i changed my slapd.conf and set my suffix to just
"dc=com" and rootdn to "cn=Manager,dc=com".  i also backed
up /usr/local/var/openldap-ldbm to openldap-ldbm.orig,
created a new openldap-ldbm directory, and restarted slapd.

slapd starts up, but when i try to add entries, i get "No
such object."

i start out by trying to add dn "dc=foo,dc=com".  "No such
object."  then i try to add "dc=bar,dc=com".  "No such

with my previous slapd.conf, i can add
"dc=server1,dc=foo,dc=com", and from there i can import my
/etc/passwd into the directory.  with the suffix set to
just "dc=com", i can't add anything.  :-[

any suggestions?

thanks in advance.


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