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Re: Solaris Install--Nevermind

J.Goodleaf writes:
After I let my frustration go, I figured it out (I think). I had been passing the full /usr/local/ssl/include/openssl path, not realizing that the script had the "openssl" part of the path in it. Once I cut the path down to the include dir, it worked...

I should begin by saying that I'm still relatively new to unix and entirely new to Solaris. However, I do know a thing or two about compiling and installing. So:

I've downloaded openldap2.0.7 and attempted to install it; been through several iterations of the installation script. Without fail, the configure script will not locate the TLS installation. I've compiled and installed openssl 0.9.6. It is located in /usr/local/ssl. Should I have installed it somewhere else? Where the heck does the configure script expect to find ssl.h? Also, how do I specify the location of the LDBM backend? I have downloaded the Berkeley DB from sleepycat. That's also in /usr/local. I must be missing something in the configure syntax... I've tried -with-tls=DIR and --with-tls=yes etc. Evidently I'm an idiot. But any hints you might pass to me are welcome.

P.S. I did try the suggestions found in the Solaris FAQ...

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