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RE: slurpd taking 44% cpu, help!

> yep, had that problem with slapd, eating +/- 76 % ! I recompiled it as
> a matter of test with some different options, and since then it was
> well behaved..

hrm, yeah well i'm already just waiting for a "make" to finish.  we use a
stow type system (where each package gets installed into it's own dir) and
i think i may have screwed something up with ocalstatedir so we'll see if
it helps.

> maybe this could help a bit, here is the options I used;

great thanks.

> and I have also shrunk my indexes to;
> # Indices to maintain
> index   uid     pres,eq
> #index  cn,sn   pres,eq,sub
> #index  objectClass     eq

i think removing the objectClass index is a "bad thing".  that's currently
the only one i have in there (which is the default).