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Re: PRNG and SSL problem

> So, I seeded /.rnd with openssl's -rand switch and the server stopped
> complaining, but the client ldapmodify command still gives the error
> above. I tried running EGD and setting TLS_RANDFILE to /.gnupg/entropy
> (where EGD likes to put it) - no joy.  Still, the server does not
> complain, but the client where I run ldapmodify still gives the error.
> I tried various other things to get rid if this error, but to no
> avail.  The server log shows this:

if this is under solaris you might want to try andirand:


> Thinking there might be something wrong with my certificate, I
> generated a new one using standard openssl procedures.  Still no good.
> Do I have a certificate problem?  Or, do I need to run EGD on the
> client machine?  Or what?

i have replication working via ssl (and i believe i've verified that it's
working correctly with snoop), and i can connect via ssl with the netscape
address book, however i cannot make the -ZZ option work.  i haven't
figured out why yet.

i've been mailed by a couple of other people with this issue as well.